Technology has become a way of life. It enables us to present ideas clearly, efficiently and in a timely manner. It allows us to communicate and share readily and with great ease. The use of technology in the legal process has come so far in recent years as to be increasingly expected throughout the course of the legal process: by counsel, paralegals, litigation support staff, court reporters, legal videographers, vendors -- and yes, by judges and juries.

— Video Services: Videotaped Depositions, Video-to-Text Synchronization, Videoconferencing, Streaming

— Courtroom Management

— War Room Support

— Conference Room / Video Conferencing / War Room Facilities: Martinsburg, WV* ~ Wheeling, WV* ~ Morgantown, WV* ~ Steubenville, OH

— Trial Presentation / Technical Support

*equipped with Video Conferencing

— eDiscovery / Early Case Assessment

— Trial Consulting / Presentation Strategy

— Trial Graphics

— Trial Ready Computers and Equipment