Jill Boroski: Trial Presentation Specialist; Graphic Designer and Specialist; Web Designer

Axiom is a team of dedicated and forward-moving NCRA certified professionals whose mission is to put your case on the cutting edge of today's litigation support practices by providing tailored services that begin with discovery and follow all the way through trial.

Managing large quantities of documents and data and presenting a winning case is becoming ever-more reliant upon progressive technologies and techniques, and the energy, flexibility and proficiency of individuals responsible for getting the job done - on time and exactly how you need it to be.

Axiom manages technology solutions with all-inclusive, high-quality litigation support to execute your smallest to your most high-volume cases with rapid turnaround and requisite accuracy, bolstering legal teams with services from discovery, to case management, to trial presentation - and everything in between.

Axiom gets you where you need to be... from right where you are.